Friday, January 29, 2010


Whomever James O’Keefe’s attorney is, they should drop him for his inability to keep his mouth shut while under Federal investigation. Never a smart move, no matter how one’s politics run.

As for O’Keefe’s claim that he was pulling an undercover stunt (a la ACORN) to allegedly verify whether Sen. Mary Landrieu’s phones were overloaded or not, walking onto government property with electronic devices under false pretenses in this age of high security is unbelievably stupid.

And though I seriously doubt that O’Keefe and his Scooby Gang will get the maximum penalty in this case (ten years in prison, $250K fine), through their brilliant leader’s inability to stop talking—albeit under his mom and dad’s own roof--a conviction (and legal slap on the wrist) on some charge is all but a lock.

And by the bye? Jimmy? You’re not an “investigative journalist.”

At best, you’re no better than one of Bill O’Reilly’s hare-brained producers which he sends to stalk Bill Moyers or Amanda Terkel while she's on vacation.

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