Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Times

The following story on DFTCW raises the age-old topic of the hypocritical state of US drug laws dating back to the 1930s, namely those on marijuana.

While I don't drink nor touch drugs myself, the case linked above exposes a massive double standard on recreational drugs in American culture. That is, while alcohol (a depressant) is openly celebrated--and far more destructive than pot when abused--the latter is not an addictive substance. Yet every time a national discussion of relaxing legal penalties on small amounts of pot is raised, the Puritanical ghost of Harry Anslinger appears and screams bloody murder.

IMO, the smartest and most practical policy on pot is to legalize it in the US (for those above 21), and make it subject to state and Federal taxation. Doing so would neutralize the flow of pot into the US almost overnight by Central American drug-runners, and save untold billions in cost and manpower for the DEA who could then focus on the big fish trafficking in hard opiates.

Just don’t inhale waiting for this happen anytime soon.

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