Wednesday, January 27, 2010


During his 12 years as Mayor of Lisle, Illinois, my late father once told me that a common mistake many pols make is not making a decision for fear of angering someone because no matter what decision you finally make rest assured that somebody will be pissed off.

IMO, this is a problem that Barack Obama faces at tonight’s SOTU address.

As the economy and job growth remain stagnant, it seems everyone has a master plan to solve the problem. But ultimately, the future of US economic policy is Obama’s to drive, and God knows whatever call he finally makes will rankle someone – or a group of someones who think they know better.

Thus, no matter what he decides upon in terms of plans for economic renewal (e.g. tax cuts, spending freezes, etc) make a call and go with it one-hundred percent. To do otherwise, is to waste everyone's time.

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