Friday, January 1, 2010

The Reason Why

Many friends of mine have often commented how my disdain for Sarah Palin regarding what may (or may not) be her plans to run for the presidency in 2012 seems to border on the harried and pathological.

And to an extent, these observers would be correct.

While I have nothing against Palin personally, the notion of her in the White House—be it in ‘12, or elsewhen—fucking terrifies me beyond belief.

And here’s why…

Doubtless, Sarah Palin is a charismatic figure, easily the greatest in the Republican Party today. Yet what troubles me most about Palin’s brand of public appeal is that it strongly reminds me of that channeled by fans of George W. Bush in 2000. And though many can argue—and rightfully so—that Bush’s greatest allies toward squeaking out a win in ‘00 were Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and 9/11 his scary grease for re-election, his last day in office was welcomed with a national sigh of relief – ending what was arguably the worst presidency of the past century.

Yet I see little difference in the folksy two-step that Bush successfully sold America in ‘00, and the one Sarah Palin is performing today. Further, another telling source of excitement among Palin’s base is that she is arguably more conservative than Bush – something that strongly appeals to Republicans who feel his greatest fault was (prepare for mindfuck) in not being conservative enough. Yet from Bush’s Supreme Court picks to his love-hate relationship with the constitution to foreign policy, I’m stymied to see how he could have possibly been more right-wing less he had ordered the waterboarding of “activist judges,” and the executive erasure of Roe v Wade.

As such, my chief fear regarding Sarah Palin is that the US electorate will—again, be it in ‘12 or later—blissfully set aside the wreckage left behind by Bush’ neo-con policies, and elect someone who is happily offering the same menu with the same empty wink. If so, and Palin were to win a presidential election based on this deficit of short-term memory, those who joyously voted for her as the heir to Ronald Reagan—as Bush was alleged to have been—truly deserve whatever they get.

As for the rest of us, the rise of a President Sarah Palin—based solely on sex appeal, a bit over two years as governor of Alaska, and a payday for a ghost-written book--in any cycle would truly make the United States (once again) the dumbest nation on Earth.

Long may it reign.

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