Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back To The Well

On his column today for Human Events, ‘lil Benny Shapiro goes off on his latest uber-right rant on the Obama administration (which is both his right, and his M.O.) This time, by claiming that Obama has a greater vested interest in addressing that great right-wing bugaboo (global warming) than in keeping Americas safe from terrorist attack by the likes of Al Qaeda, and its ways splinter groups.

As silly and predictable as ‘lil Benny’s thesis is, the following sentence later in the same column caught my eye (emphasis mine):

“While missing a potentially catastrophic terror attack is problematic, it's good to know that we've got the inside dossier on the mating habits of polar bears. This isn't a shock coming from the ‘watermelon’ Obama White House -- green on the outside, red on the inside.”

Nice, huh?

That is, aside from ‘lil Benny’s cheeky hint that Obama is (uh, oh) a commie, Ann Coulter would doubtless be proud of his sentence above. Chiefly, as she has arguably perfected the fine neo-con art (one ‘lil Benny has clearly embraced) of desperately trying to make a point by wrapping it in a symbol (in this case, a well-known racist one) designed to inflame liberals, and then chuckling at the myriad (and predictable) backlash.

Not that lefties offended by ‘lil Benny’s “watermelon” gag would be the only ones perhaps rankled by his clever, racist jab at America’s first black president, as I’m sure ‘lil Benny himself (an Orthodox Jew) would be equally bothered by anyone comparing he and his ethnic heritage to, say, rats and hook-nosed moneychangers.

Gee, I’m sorry. Was that image offensive? Anti-Semitic even?

Oh, who gives a fuck? I made my point (e.g. ‘lil Benny is a gutless wonder who isn’t above racist jokes to get attention), didn’t I? So if I do likewise, and roll an Auschwitz gag to make a point about waterboarding, all the better as long as I can draw attention to myself. Because, y’know, as an up-and-coming right-winger myself, it’s all about me, bitches - as it is young Master Ben and his peers in right-wing media (e.g. Beck, Limbaugh, Wiener-Savage, Coulter, et al.) who've paved their golden roads to conservative notoriety one ugly slur at a time.

News flash, dickhead: a) Jack Bauer is a fictional character, and; b) Kiefer Sutherland is a liberal.

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