Monday, January 4, 2010

Even My Subconcious Mind is Geeky

Had a great dream last night--one that would make for a helluva concept were someone to put it all together financially—regarding my brother and I being part of an H.P. Lovecraft-themed weekend wherein guests stayed at an Innsmouth-esque hotel in the sticks, and were given assignments in various role-play scenarios (with actors) running day and night.

For example, your group could be assigned to investigate a manor house on the edge of the property for clues regarding a cult of Dagon and be expected to sneak in at 3AM to see what's what. Similarly, one could be resting comfortably in your dingy hotel room, and find your door being kicked in by actors playing local cultists out to get you (a la the Lovecraft short story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth").

Oh, and there was a Lovecraft-themed gift shop on-site as well. I think I bought a t-shirt.

Anyhow, sounds great, right? (Well, it does it me). And it would have been except for my alarm clock going off at 4AM for an early shift at my part-time gig this morning. And just when my brother and I were starting to get into character too.



Amanda Greenleaf-Whelan said...

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Amanda Greenleaf-Whelan said...

Your mind is full of haunting ghosts, your toes are full of mold--On bended knee I bow to you, in snow and biting soul... Kisses fellow Church!

Amanda Greenleaf-Whelan said...

PS Come trip the light fantastic with me at my foggy bog... open all night...

Mano said...


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