Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, We Have No Platform

After spending the past year bellowing for fiscal discipline only to reject a Senate measure establishing a Deficit Commission that would have defined methods to cut state spending, the GOP has upped its own inconsistent ante by voting across the board against a PAYGO plan similar to that used in the Clinton era which mandated that for every hike in government spending other programs must be cut to compensate.

Therefore, if a billion dollars is required for “New Program A,” existing spending plans must take a loss to span the gap.

The good news, however, is that PAYGO passed the Senate – albeit by a razor-thin 60-40 vote with not even one Republican crossing over to support the measure.

I’ll give the GOP one thing: they are amazingly consistent in their dedication to obstructionism no matter if it even means rejecting a measure the party backed just weeks beforehand. Thus, the "Party of Lincoln" has utterly sold out its principles by rejecting even basic steps toward national progress in favor making short-term political jabs at their rivals.

God knows that Congressional Democrats are hardly a model of efficiency, but I genuinely wonder why their Republican colleagues bother to show up for work anymore. They are useless.

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