Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Say We All

Well, not “all” of us cater to the following points...

But once again, Jon Stewart is dead-on in his criticism of those who patently lie and fear-monger (case in point) to obstruct political change – which is not to say that people cannot sincerely oppose issues like health reform; I just prefer that they do so with facts versus horseshit and mindless theatrics. However, I realize that is is probably expecting too much from some.

[The following is transcripted from Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” interview with Lou Dobbs dated 11-18-09]

DOBBS: I would urge only this for everybody to consider. It is a time in which we have a nation that is extraordinarily delicate, extraordinarily vulnerable, and I think it’s time we start rethinking many of the orthodoxies - no matter if one thinks of oneself as a conservative or a liberal, or a Republican or Democrat.

STEWART: I don’t think we’re a delicate country, and I don’t think we’re a fragile country. I think that we’re [incredibly] tenacious…the whole fabric of this country was born of people who came from a place that they didn’t want to be to a place that they wanted to be…and that ethos still lives in this country. And the idea that trying (KSM) in New York will destroy us, or an attempt to bring universal healthcare to people will destroy us, or trying to solve…global warming will destroy us is trumped up fear that’s being used as a wedge to flatter people into voting for them, and it is absolutely not a part of our national character. And the people who continually tell me how much they love this country--and I don’t--also say how little this country can accomplish to overcome the problems that all countries face.

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