Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palin Wins GOP Nomination

Impossible? 538's Nate Silver doesn’t think so.

Despite Palin’s lack of presidential qualifications, her greatest asset in a ‘12 GOP primary run is the noticeably weak field of Republicans she’d be up against among whom I can only see Mike Huckabee giving Palin a hard time this far out.

But even were Palin to score the GOP nod, I have yet to see any political prognosticator—on the left or right—who feels that Sarah could win in a general versus Barack Obama. In fact, most speculate that she’d be crushed.

But of course, it’s a long, long way to 2012….

[Note: On the flipside, Silver’s fellow 538er Tom Schaller offers his reasons why he feels that Palin will neither run for POTUS, nor win the GOP crown.]

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