Thursday, November 12, 2009

Greatest Hits

Courtesy of DFTCW, check out a blog by a perfectly sane chap named Pat Dollard regarding the recent Fort Hood shootings, and his fervent belief that Hasan’s assault was a conspiracy engineered by Barack Obama (whom Dollard refers to as "amabO").

But for second round on Mr. Dollard's hit parade of insanity, scroll down and read the responses of his fans (some excerpted below with all spelling errors intact). By comparison, they make the likes of Glenn Beck and Debbie Schulssel seem perfectly reasonable.

…I wrote my Congressman and Senators about how there is absolutely no place in the armed services or in any federal government for Muslims.”

…[Hasan] was clearly a sleeper cell agent positioned at Walter Reed Army Medical Center — a center for the SOCIALIZED MEDICAL SYSTEM forced upon our soldiers! Coincidence? I think not!”

…We should never of allowed a black man to be president, epecially a MUSLIM.”

And my personal favorite:

…Bennedick Arnold was Hung for Treason.”

Wow. Well, for one thing, Billy-Bob, the name was “Benedict.” Not “Bennedick.” Secondly, Arnold was never “Hung For Treason.” After defecting to the British Army in 1780, Arnold moved to London two years later where he later died of natural causes in 1801.

People like all of the above are why I wish stupidity were a contributing factor in the occurrence of strokes. That is, if you're incapable of using your own brain responsibly, nature should reward you with a sudden lobotomy.

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