Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let God Sort 'Em Out

The following (via Media Matters) from right-wing pundit Debbie Schulssel on the subject of the Ft. Hood shootings.

The kneejerk bigotry is astounding….

Nidal Malik Hasan is Palestinian. Figures...Yeah, I wonder if that "Palestinian" town is actually Palestinian or part of the Islamic encroachment on Israel. Either way, he had every opportunity given to him by American taxpayers. And he murdered them anyway. This isn't just the Palestinian way. It's the Islamic way. And we expect Israel to make peace with guys like this? Even in the midst of the land of plenty, look at how they behave.


And, oh, yeah, think of Major Malik Nadal Hasan (and all of the other Muslim American traitorous soldiers in the U.S. military who've shot their fellow soldiers up and killed them or otherwise helped the enemy), whenever you hear about how Muslims serve their country in the U.S. military.

Well, actually, they do serve "their country" in the U.S. military. And their country is Dar Al-Islam and greater Koranistan.

"It's Islamic terrorism, stupid. Wait, that's repetitive. It's Islam, stupid."

For one thing, Schlossel’s rabid support of all things Israel is fairly typical of the Christian conservative right who see it as the state that can do no wrong, and Palestine as its moral opposite when in fact neither people are lily white in their history toward the other. But that’s an argument for another day.

Far more disturbing than Schulssel’s racist shrieking (including calling Islam a “cancer”) over the horrific actions of Malik Hasan (who is American by birth, not Palestinian, a fact Schulssel later clarified) are her apparent solutions to the issue of Muslim service in the US military including (one can only assume): throwing all Muslims out, and denying those who wish to serve in the future; making them convert to Christianity under threat of waterboarding, and/or; swearing allegiance to a golden statue of Ronald Reagan while singing Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To be An American” at the top of one’s lungs.

(Sure, it’s idolatry, but Reagan trumps the Bible any day).

Other than this, Miss Schulssel’s fierce, patriotic heart seems to be in the right place. In fact, all she needs is a good ‘ol fashioned book-burning (Korans only) to kick-start her campaign to purify the US armed forces of all dirty Arab blood.

As such, I wish Ms. Schulssel all godspeed (meaning Jehovah, not the false Allah) in her pursuits. She is a great American.

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