Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Vis-à-vis DFTCW, Matt Taibbi has some laser-like insights on what it means to be Sarah Palin, or at least after gleaming her book (which I have not read myself, nor do I plan to).

Anyhoo, Matt sez:

[Palin] doesn't really have any political ideas, in the classic sense of the word -- in fact the only thing resembling real political convictions in “Going Rogue” revolve around the Trans-Alaska pipeline and how awesome she thinks it is.

Most of the rest of the book just catalogs her Gump-esque rise to national stardom (not having enough self-awareness to detect the monstrous narcissistic ambition that in reality was impelling her forward all along, she labors in the book to describe her various career leaps as lucky accidents or mystical acts of Providence) and the seemingly endless parade of meanies bent on tripping her up along the way. The book is really about her battles with these people, how much they did and do suck, and how difficult and inherently unfair life is for a decent hardworking American gal who just wants to live life, serve God, and try to be president without being bothered all the time...

Wow, if the above paragraph doesn't sum up Sarah Palin in a nutshell I have no idea what else could. Plus, “Gump-esque”? Bloody brilliant.

Just like Bart Simpson, an underachiever and proud of it…

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