Monday, November 16, 2009

Holding Court

Yes, I’m probably as tired of writing about Sarah Palin here as much as some people are of reading about her, and her current book tour. However, click here (Thanks, Ed Brayton) for a fascinating sampling of those backing Palin (with highlights posted below), and lashing out against the ex-governor’s critics – not just on the left, but the right as well.

Truly, Sarah Palin is the queen of imbeciles, and these are the voices of her court:

…Intellectualism has just about nothing to do with being President….[intellectuals] are dopes.”

…I don't think a "dumb" person (Palin) could be given credit for successfully pointing out the "death panels.”

…Palin's narrative is humble hockey mom rides a rocket to stardom. She became freakin' governor of the largest state of the Union, for pete's sake. John McCain -- who oughtta know -- picked her to join him in the White House. Does she have what it takes to be President -- you betcha!”

…I'll bet Palin will learn to be as vicious and underhanded as a University of Wisconsin liberal by the time the next election rolls around.”

…[Palin] has a better understanding of the constitution…than many constitutional "scholars", including our president.”

And the following grand-prize winner:

…Any history majors like to jump in here and explain what a non-intellectual and near dufuss we had in a former President named George that barely won a battle as a General until the French showed up.”

[That’s right. The above poster is comparing Sarah Palin to George Washington who incidentally won battles at Trenton, Princeton, and Saratoga before “the French showed up” and unlike Palin, had military combat experience and never resigned prematurely from office.]

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