Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Watched the first several minutes of Sean Hannity’s program on Fox tonight, and was very amused by ‘ol Slanthead claiming victimhood because White House officials recently called Fox News an extension of the Republican Party – which it is to a great extent despite the network having a few actual journalists on staff.

Nevertheless, listening to Hannity wail how he and Fox are now apparently on a Nixonian “enemies list” smacks of all the credibility of a truckstop hooker bemoaning her latest john having asked for a penny’s change after paying for a $1.99 blowjob with two singles behind a dumpster.

Hey, Sean…y’know why whores don’t get much respect? It’s because they’re fucking whores.

And y’know why you and your program get so little respect—despite healthy ratings—from anyone with a modicum of self-awareness? Because you’re a fucking whore beholden to the RNC.

Truth be told, IMO, it’s a huge waste of time for White House staffers (e.g. Emmanuel, Axelrod, etc.) to acknowledge anyone on Fox’s opinion-driven lineup, with the possible exception of Bill O’Reilly on those rare occasions during which he can drag himself away from shocking exposes on what college chicks are doing at South Padre Island on spring break.

As such, Barack Obama and any advisors are foolish to give Glenn Beck, Hannity, et al., the time of day – much less care about whatever variety of horseshit they are serving that day to their masses because no matter how diligently it's seasoned, it's still horseshit.

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