Friday, October 9, 2009


My God, is the sky falling? Rush Limbaugh actually told the truth about something, as indicated in his interview with NBC here and excerpted below:

Limbaugh makes no bones about doing his radio show for the love of money, not necessarily for the love of politics or the spirit of debate.

”My audience, my ratings,” Limbaugh replied when asked….who he does his show for. “For ratings, I will admit it.”

“Let me shock the world right here on NBC. I am doing my show for ratings. I want the largest audience I can get because that’s how I can charge the highest advertising rates. Which means what else do I want? Money.”

Thanks for confirming what many of us—meaning everyone but your dope of an audience—knew for ages, Rush. But I imagine they will continue to buy your recommended daily allowance of horseshit anyhow.

Oh, one more thing...all that money? After you die alone of a grabber one day, you can't take it with you.

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