Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Deyern's Instant Fortress

As one among the throngs of unemployed in this country—six months and ticking—in an effort to fill my day, I shuffled down to my basement last week to sort through items in storage, some of which I had literally not seen for 20 years.

Among this dusty material were my old AD&D books, all of which were in very good shape tucked into a box with other ‘80s-era RPG game systems including Toon, TMNT, Blue Max, and Villains & Vigilantes. And while I enjoyed fooling with these latter games, I spent the bulk of my time—as did my younger brother—working up new D&D characters with which we could play each Saturday at our local library with other gamers.

Piling these books into a small stack, I gathered them back up to my bedroom where I have spent the past several nights re-reading key D&D rulebooks such as the Player’s Handbook and both Monster Manuals. And in the process, I found myself truly pining for my old playing days which while geeky as hell, were also often great fun.

Perhaps unbelievably, the D&D system still exists today (unlike TSR) yet its basic gameplay rules and class systems are near-unrecognizable—and I would argue, far worse--from the old version, which while having real limitations in combat scenarios (e.g. hit/miss, no parries) was easy to learn and—provided one could find decent players--fun to explore.


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Mike R said...

If you ever decide to get rid of the 'Toon' books, let me know as I'd be interested in buying them from you. Kat has been asking about it and my copies are AWOL.