Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That One?

Truth be told, I stopped watching tonight’s second presidential debate in Nashville about an hour in.

I wanted to watch “The Shield” (a killer episode, by the way), and the forum between Obama and McCain just became a snoozer.

However, McCain did two things tonight I felt were very unbecoming: a) at one point, he called Obama “that one” in reference to a vote he made on an energy bill, and; b) at the end of the debate, McCain abruptly left the forum, leaving Obama and his wife to chat with debate attendees and take photos.

I don’t know what the hell McCain was thinking, but his behavior in these instances was very disconcerting – not to mention awfully rude.

Finally, I was surprised—as I’m sure were many conservatives—when McCain said that a way he’d relieve the current Wall Street morass as president would be to instruct his Treasury Secretary to buy up tons of bad mortgages.

The reason this was a surprise answer is that McCain has never hinted at such a thing before, and his conservative base would probably regard it as socialism.

So who was McCain trying to please? The middle? I’m not sure.

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