Friday, October 10, 2008

Bad To Worse

The McCain camp must be fit to be tied as I write this, because Sarah “Reform” Palin has been found liable by a bipartisan state committee (of whose 14 members, 10 are Republican) of violating the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, and abusing her power via firing former state Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monagan after he, in turn, refused to sack Palin’s state trooper ex-brother-in-law Mike Wooten (who is admittedly a slimeball).

The committee goes onto say that while Palin acted within her legal powers as governor, she abused said powers by allowing her husband, Todd, to apply pressure on state officials to get rid of Wooten.

The fact that Palin wanted her ex-BIL fired is truly no crime; it’s the way she went about it that was unethical.

On top of this, today at a McCain town hall rally in Minnesota, the senator was forced to publicly defend Barack Obama as a “decent family man” who should not be feared if elected president.

This, after a man asked McCain if he should not be afraid of his unborn child growing up under an Obama administration, and woman claimed she was terrified of Obama because he is an Arab. To his credit, McCain took the microphone away from the woman (who seemed shocked to hear McCain reject her claim), and again stated that Obama is an honorable man.

In response, some in the crowd booed McCain.

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