Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Strike Two

After last night’s debate—which most everyone, beyond the unshakable Fox News texting poll, gave Obama a win on—it seems that John McCain’s campaign bus has run head-long into a pool of quicksand.

This said, there is no way I am writing off McCain now. Anyone who assumes anything in this election is just asking for a karmic anvil to be dropped on their skull.

Yet McCain is clearly in trouble – which poses the question: what’s he got left? Because Sarah Palin’s Ayres-strike (isn’t that clever?) against Obama is not working outside her base, and undecided voters are testy for details on actual issues.

So if McCain is not scoring points with either issues or negative attacks, what can he hope to use against Obama in their third and final debate?

If it’s Ayers or Jeremiah Wright, McCain will come off as weak and desperate, rankling voters who want hard policy stances. But McCain’s ability to master the issues is wanting too. So what the hell is he gonna do to save his ship (besides pray for the racist vote)?

Were I McCain’s campaign manager, at 27 days out, I’d be at a loss for answers.

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