Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diebold Day

Performed my civic duty this morning and voted in the Illinois State Primary. And if the small banner to the left isn’t enough of a tip-off, I went with Barack Obama.

Why? Because after 43 straight white male presidents I think it’s long since time to shake up the status-quo – which is not to say I voted for Obama because he’s black. I did so because I find his civility extremely refreshing, and I like how he is skilled at bringing his opponents to the center.

I also like how Obama’s critics on the right seem boggled by his plain-spoken style, and have little to no idea of how to rebut him.

Meanwhile, I again can’t emphasize enough how tickled I am to see the neo-con, military industrial complex (an expression coined by a Republican president, no less), media-driven factions of the GOP imploding over John McCain. And the same parties so desperately invoking Ronald Reagan, as if doing so one more time will recall him from the grave.

It’s like watching an abusive, alcoholic father staggering closer and closer to the edge of a cliff.

Part of us wants to shove him off, and relieve the suspense. But then again, watching the bastard do himself in is so much more satisfying.

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