Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Diebold Day: The Aftermath

Yesterday’s Super Tuesday results were intriguing for the following reasons:

  1. It showed that Rush "The Drugster" Limbaugh’s impact on American politics is truly irrelevant, not that that’s a news flash.
  2. It showed how politically divided this nation still is.
  3. It showed there are lots of Democratic voters out there who really dislike Hillary Clinton.
  4. It showed that southern evangelical voters truly stick with their own (Huckabee).
  5. It showed how badly the US electorate wants to put Bush behind them.
  6. It showed Chris Mathews can't stop babbling on set, and doesn't know dick about voting trends.
  7. It showed Mitt Romney's campaign the door.
A long time ago, I predicted that Clinton and McCain would score their respective parties’ nominations. Now, by pure luck, it seems I may be right.

However, I wonder how picking—as many speculate McCain may do—Huckabee as his running mate will impact his chances. Strategically, it’s a winning choice, as it gives the ticket serious appeal in western and southern states. But I also question how sick Americans may be of pols like Bush who wear their religious faith on their sleeves?

As for Clinton, if Obama flames out prior to the convention, would a joined ticket (Hillary and Barack) be unbeatable?

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