Monday, February 4, 2008

Jungle Life

As I often do on weekend nights, I was browsing my local B&N and Borders for a few random items (including the first two seasons of “Homicide” filmed at and around Fells Point, MD – one of my favorite spots in the world) including stuff by Edgar Rice Burroughs, when I was perturbed to find both stores had absolutely nothing by him.

No “Tarzan,” no “John Carter” – nothing at all.

Even worse, I was unable to find any copies of Dark Horse’s three hardback collections of Joe Kubert’s landmark “Tarzan” comics of the mid-1970s.

I’ve never been a huge “Tarzan” fan, mind you—although the 1984 feature with Chris Lambert and Ralph Richardson still holds up well, methinks—but my library is starting to feel lacking without the roughage his jungle adventures provide.

Oh well, enough belly-aching….hopefully, Burroughs’ publishers will wake up, and reflush the market with these deserving books.

Until then, there’s always Amazon.

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