Saturday, February 2, 2008


For the life of me, I’m struggling find a proper way to sum up the following letter from Fred Phelps publically asking the family of the late Heath Ledger to confess where their loved one will be laid to rest in Australia – this, so Phelps and "kin" can go there to protest the funeral in their own uniquely tasteful style.

What the hell to call this open letter? Chutzpah? Idiocy? Delusional? All of the above? My own personal pick? Hilarious, albeit in a very sad context.

Thanks to DFTCW for the tip-off.

PS: Click here for an inside view (literally) a recent WBC protest of an Iraqi War soldier's funeral in Delaware, and how the Phelps' are forced to flee after prompting a near-riot.

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