Friday, January 23, 2009

Razzle Dazzle

Today, in Illinois Guv Rod Blagojevich’s latest pathetic attempt to wrest sympathy from the media, he likened himself and his pending legal issues (including a state impeachment scheduled to begin in 72 hours) to--wait for it--a poor cowboy about to be lynched by mob rule.

I won’t go into all of Blago’s song and dance (more on that metaphor in a moment), but it was pretty sickening as he did his best Joan of Arc impression, literally claiming that an attack on him was by extension an attack on the people of Illinois, the constitution, and an insidious plot to raise taxes.

For a while, some locals have speculated if Blago's behavior may be at the very least eccentric, while others have claimed he's just certifiably insane. But after listening to his latest plaintive wailing today, I believe neither theory is correct.

I don’t think that Blago is crazy; I think that he thinks he’s Billy Flynn – an incredibly brilliant, musical lawyer who can tap-dance his way out of any legal jam, and hypnotize any would-be adversaries (e.g. a jury) into producing an easy acquittal.

In fact, below is a perfect example of how I think Blago envisions his vindication from impeachment, and his upcoming Federal trial on fraud charges.

Seriously….inside the man's head, I don't think this is very far off.

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