Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cosmic Depression

Out of all the episodes I’ve seen of the new “Battlestar Galactica,” last night’s first of the series’ final ten episodes was by far the strangest, and most downbeat.

After the fleet has at last located Earth along with a cadre of Cylons, it is discovered that the planet is almost dead – the remnants of a nuclear war that struck 2000 years prior. Plus, excavations reveal the bodies of several ancient “skinjobs” – indicating that Earth was never inhabited by humans, and that the lost 13th tribe of Caprica was, in fact, Cylon.

All of the above prompts the crew of Galactica to go into an emotional tailspin, as all the hopes for a new life they had pinned on Earth are now lost.

Elsewhere in the Twilight Zone, Kara Thrace discovers the wreckage of her own viper on the planet, in addition to a blonde-haired corpse still strapped into the cockpit wearing her dogtags. Oh, and don’t forget that we learned that Tigh’s deceased wife was the last of the “final five” Cylon models - that, and Lee’s ex-wife blew her brains out in a locker room.

I think that pretty much covers it. It was as if the story was written by Eugene O’Neill – piling on the sad layer by layer.

Maybe next week the Galactica crew learns that their booze is all gone, and fleet’s cable TV system is permanently on the fritz.

If so, look for matters to go from bad to worse.

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