Sunday, January 4, 2009


God, I hate jury duty – such as the one I found I must report for tomorrow morning at my local county courthouse with no compensation from my employer.

Translation: every day I am bound to this responsibility is one wherein I lose a day’s salary, and considering how much I am currently fighting to get my bills locked down, that is a serious problem.

In 2006, I was called up to serve on a Federal jury in Chicago, but ended up being excused the same day I reported. So I can only hope that tomorrow will result in the same outcome.

Me being wrapped up in a multi-day trial is simply not an option for me, civil duties be damned.

PS (1-5-09): Forgive my bitching over my jury duty call last night. I have already been released from service as a would-be alternate juror. Case closed.

And speaking of legalities, check out the following link to DFTCW as ex-US Attorney General and would-be martyr Alberto Gonzalez bemoans his fate as national pariah for treating the constitution like toilet paper (not that Gonzo is alone among the Bush Administration in doing so; e.g. Dick Cheney, David Addington, et al.), and allowing the Justice Department to become a branch of the Republican National Committee.

I especially like the following quote by Gonzales (as he nails himself to his own cross, and expects us to gather ‘round it weeping his fate):

"What is it that I did that is so fundamentally wrong, that deserves this kind of response to my service?" he said during an interview Tuesday, offering his most extensive comments since leaving government.

During a lunch meeting two blocks from the White House, where he served under his longtime friend, President George W. Bush, Mr. Gonzales said that "for some reason, I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror."


Wow. Think Gonzo will rise from the dead after three days too?

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