Thursday, January 29, 2009

La Brea

In looking at the Republican Party today, languishing in a vacuum of internal leadership, it’s not hard to imagine it as some poor creature stuck in prehistoric tar pit.

Not that the GOP is expected to go under, but in the week since Obama’s inauguration it’s amusing to watch the party—which just five years ago Karl Rove fantasized as a permanent majority—flail about, searching for modern relevance via tired economic strategies (e.g. tax cuts as the magic bullet for all national ills), bizarre floor speeches, and circular pep talks from waterboy-in-chief Rush Limbaugh.

In all, it’s almost sad. Well, not really, as I hold no illusions that Democrats are master policy authors either. Yet at any rate, I’m content to watch their right-wing counterparts continue struggling in the mire as I watch peacefully from the opposite shore while sipping my lime-green slushie.

It’s all cathartic in a way.

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