Monday, March 10, 2008

Stupidity On The March

It’s both fascinating and disturbing how Barack Obama’s most ardent right-wing critics (e.g. Rep. Steve King, Bill Cunningham) cannot get over the fact that his name is “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.” while making unabashed (and racist) claims that it makes him: a) a Muslim (AKA: terrorist), or b) a Muslim sympathizer (AKA: a friend of terrorists).

Either way, this rhetoric stinks of right-wing desperation—as evidenced by the recent flood of similar claims against Obama on WorldNut Daily—but what bothers me most about it is that I know a more than a few American voters are stupid enough to believe it – just as the same mental giants were dumb enough to believe a 2000 NRA voter campaign claiming that an elected Al Gore would confiscate citizens’ lawful firearms.

If such people are dense enough to believe that, they’re dense enough to believe anything, which is precisely what the programmers at Fox News bank on every day.

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