Friday, March 21, 2008

Baker Street & Damnation Avenue

Picked up the following PC game (“Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened”) while cruising Target tonight for ice cream and a Brita water pitcher.

Intriguingly, it combines mythology from Arthur Conan Doyle and H.P. Lovecraft, and involves Holmes and Watson investigating several ghastly London murders linked to an underground Cthulhu cult.

However, marrying Holmes and Lovecraft—while a novel idea--may be problematic, considering that in the latter’s tales, those who snoop around Cthulhu typically end up dead or certifiably insane. Secondly, as players of another Lovecraft-themed game (“The Dark Corners of The Earth”) will attest, anyone taking on Cthulhu cultists are strongly advised to carry one particular item: firearms.

Sure, Cthulhu’s minions are many and dangerous, but they aren’t bulletproof. And to be best of my knowledge, Holmes’ usually doesn’t pack heat. So unless players of “The Awakened” are allowed to arm up, it’ll be interesting (or frustrating as hell) to see how Holmes deals with self-protection during gameplay.

Here’s hoping a “Batman vs. Cthulhu” game isn’t too far behind.

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