Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do As I Say....

Over at the right-wing circle jerk known as Fox “News," there was a banner story posted today about Barack Obama’s campaign website having omitted an unsolicited posting by the radical-left New Black Panther Party (apparently, they didn’t die out with other '70s relics like H.R. Pufnstuf after all) endorsing Obama’s presidential candidacy.

Notice the operative word there: unsolicited.

However, after getting a tasty mouthful of blood last weekend via the faux-fracas over Obama’s unhinged ex-pastor, Fox and their fellow Republican zealots now seem truly inspired to slime Obama in any way possible, just as they and the Swift Boat Liars did (with zero proof backing their claims) in 2004 over John Kerry's war record.

I wonder if John McCain’s website received an unsolicited endorsement from, say, the American Nazi Party or NAMBLA that Fox would be as outraged.

Methinks not.

I love you, double-standard.

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