Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Over. Well, Not Really...

Tomorrow, I’ll be “downtown” (as those residing in Chicago’s suburbs call it) at the UC taking in the Hawks and Calgary Flames, a game which will likely have little impact on the former’s ability to snag that vaunted eighth-spot in the NHL post-season. The Hawks are simply too far behind at this point, having reeled off too many hot and cold streaks throughout the past season.

But I honestly don’t think anyone cares.

Although I have hardly been a serious hockey fan throughout my life, I have truly enjoyed the Hawks’ 2007-08 season which—unlike many previous ones—is colored with a genuine optimism for the future via the many building blocks which are in place.

Much of this enthusiasm has to do with new Hawks owner Rocky Wirtz, who’s done an outstanding job reviving a franchise so brutalized for so long under his late father’s awful tenure. Last fall, I had serious doubts that Rocky could do much this season to pull the Hawks’ ship off the reef. But he did just that, and in record time, while resetting a new course.

So bully for him. And even more importantly, bully for us, as Hawks fans.

For the first time in ages, we actually have something to look forward to other than meekly chanting “Detroit sucks!” as the Red Wings abuse our little team like a prison bitch…over and over.

"The Blackhawks are respectable again? I don't feel so good."

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