Thursday, February 4, 2010

Master Plan

After today’s swearing in of Scott Brown as the new Junior Senator from MA, look for Congressional Republicans to double-down on the same obstructionism they have been pushing over the past year on any legislative plan offered by Democrats (which, of course, is incredibly ironic as the GOP remains the minority party by a large margin). This, in an ongoing ploy to neutralize Obama’s presidency by filibustering any major policy he proposes long enough to get more Republicans into Congress in 2010—followed by (they hope) a Republican presidency in 2012—and initiate the very same policies (e.g. tax cuts for the rich, relaxed regulation of banks, using the military as world policemen, etc) which failed spectacularly under George W. Bush.

Thus, in one respect, the GOP and Wall Street bankers have one thing in common: both are unwilling or utterly unable to learn from past blunders.

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