Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For The Record (Part II)

Just saw an amazing segment on “Hardball” on the topic of DADT (Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell) including Peter Sprigg of the Christian conservative Family Research Council during which Mr. Sprigg claimed that gays and lesbians should: a) not be allowed to join the US military, and; b) contrary to Lawrence v. Texas (2003), states should be legally able to criminalize homosexual conduct.

I’ll give Mr. Sprigg credit for one thing: unlike many of Chris Mathews’ guests who often duck direct answers to direct questions, he openly did so when asked his stances on DADT and homosexual behavior as a legal concept.

Sprigg is also fully entitled to his First Amendment rights.

However, by the same token, I am free to retort that Mr. Sprigg’s statements above are rooted in the fucking Dark Ages, or Berlin circa 1938 (whichever you prefer).


amanda Greenleaf-Whelan said...

Dear Pure Evil, Sorry to take up so much room but I'm a nubile teamster around here--forgive me! This just to say that I have linked you to my world. I hope I do not offend. Roust On my good man! --amanda greenleaf-whelan

Christopher Hugh Varney (CHV) said...

No worries. Thanks for your two cents.