Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Better You Than Me

As discombobulated as Democrats are right now, the following poll of Republicans on the question of “Who would be the best nominee to face Obama in 2012?” is even more muddled with “Unknown” leading the pack by a huge margin (42%), followed by Sarah Palin in a distant second (16%) and Mitt Romney in third (11%).

Incredulously, Darth Cheney scored 10% as well.

In the same poll, 53% of respondents also claim that Palin is more qualified to be president than Obama which begs the obvious question of how many were piss-drunk when questioned.

Nevertheless, as much as the GOP is still swaggering over Scott Brown’s upset Senate win in MA, these results—albeit a long way out from the ’12 Iowa Caucuses—paint a vague and troubled picture for the party’s near-future.


amanda Greenleaf-Whelan said...

Is it too late for you to run for president?

Christopher Hugh Varney (CHV) said...

Sadly, I lost my original birth certificate so my political rivals could spread vicious rumors on Fox News about me having been born in Africa instead of Park Ridge, Illinois.

So I think me ever being POTUS one day is probably impossible.