Sunday, August 9, 2009

Con Recap 2009

Despite industry heavyweights such as DC and Marvel being noticeably absent (and celebs like ‘80s pop star Taylor Dayne curiously in attendance), yesterday’s trip to Chicago Comic-Con (formerly "WizardWorld Chicago") was very enjoyable, as well as noteworthy for me having spent only three bucks all day on three Art Balthazar sketches (all worth every penny, and then some).

Year before last, I dropped almost $200.

As for collectables on the floor, there were a few gems, but nothing that knocked me out . As usual, I had more interest meeting the con’s expanded Artist’s Alley zone, and the following people: Echo Chernik, Chris Uminga, Matthew Fletcher, Josh Johnson, Neil Fitzpatrick, Ant Lucia, and Franco Aureliani.

I collected business cards from all, and plan on picking up one or two of their productions in the future.

The only problem that creates, however, is where I hang it all up. Woe be me.

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