Monday, August 3, 2009

Back To The Future

Well, this is interesting as hell.

The notion of Ridley Scott helming another “Alien” film (this time, a prequel) is tantalizing, especially as only two of the six “Alien” chapters (if one includes the “AvP” movies) were really any good: the 1979 original, and Jim Cameron's "Aliens" sequel in 1987.

The popular rumor now is that the prequel's plot—which is in its infancy—may explain how the crashed ship on LV-426 that kick-started all the insanity in ’79 got there. But Scott could also fill in the blanks left by Cameron illustrating how the colonists of Hadley’s Hope waged a doomed battle against their own alien infestation, a tragic story I've always wanted to see.

Either way, this is pretty welcome news.

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