Monday, November 17, 2008


For well over a year, I have balked on purchasing an X-Box 360 (even though it is backwards-compatible with my old X-Box games) until the price dropped to an acceptable level.

But today, even though the 360 has declined to $199—and services like Gamefly are big money-savers—I have still resisted getting a system because I also know what huge time-suckers they are.

However, now that this game has come out, my resolve may finally be at an end.

Farewell, outside world.

I want to see Rage Cat whomp the hell out of Granny Goodness.
That old bag creeps me out. However, if G.G. is unavailable, and he can spare 0.43 seconds (which is all Rage Kitty needs to put someone in
traction) Joe Quesada would be my second choice for a fantasy beatdown.

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