Sunday, November 16, 2008

Priority Check

Over on Andrew Sullivan’s website, several posts appear sent in from folks around the country about how they publicly support the issue of gay marriage. One that caught my attention was from Chicago, and shares a pic of a (straight) wedding party that spilled into the street to join the protest after their own nuptials had been sealed.

Not that anyone asked, but my own take on gay marriage is strictly libertarian.

I don’t see a difference between two men or women co-habitating in an adult relationship be they officially wed or not. Plus, the chief reason why gay marriage has not already been more widespread is due to some feeling uncomfortable about it – much the same as some felt “uncomfortable” about bi-racial marriages not long ago.

Therefore, from my take, what total strangers feel about two men or women being formally wed is irrelevant. If such parties don’t want to attend the wedding in question, they don’t have to.

As such, I fail to see what the whole “controversy” surrounding gay marriage is – especially when we as a nation have far bigger fish to fry these days, like the economy going into a tailspin, and thousands of jobs evaporating daily.

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