Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Notes

Just a quick update on the employment situation: I had an interview for a new contract yesterday, and got an offer this morning. It pays less than my previous position, but is far closer to home - so I guess it all shakes out in the wash.

I start next week, which means I have to bail out of a part-time gig I’ve worked for four weeks now to help make ends meet. I’m almost sorry to leave. My co-workers are nice, but the job was nothing but a way to place a semblance of order on my life, while making an extra hundred a week. And in that respect, the job served its purpose and it’s time to go.

I’ll quit on Friday after my noon screening of “Dark Knight” – speaking of which, on my drive into a hot, moist Chicago today to sign off on paperwork for the new job, I heard the following track on XM Lucy, which is arguably the only good thing to come out of “Batman & Robin.”

Remember this dreck? (the movie, not the Pumpkins song)

Yet looking at it does show how incredibly far the Batman movie franchise—once considered stone dead after Joel Schumacher got thru with it—has come in less than a decade.

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