Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Feel The Need For Speed (or OxyContin)

And the award for the greatest example of homoerotic media since "Top Gun" (which, if you don’t know, contains more smoldering gay lust than “Brokeback Mountain”) goes to....hey, it’s Rush Limbaugh's cover shot for this week's New York Times Magazine feature by Zev Chavets!

And guess what? It’s a pretty good piece, revealing—among other things—the severity of Limbaugh’s hearing loss in 2001, plus details of his grand 24,000 square foot Florida estate Rush uses to entertain friends, his cigar fetish, genius for self-promotion, and way of chafing under suggestions that media competitors like fellow RNC flack Sean Hannity are chipping away at his listener base.

Interestingly, Limbaugh also likens Bill O’Reilly to Ted Baxter in the article—a comment I found surprisingly accurate—and that between ex-wives, Rush’s only housemate is a cat named “Punkin” who is looked after by a full-time staff of illegal immigrant laborers whom Rush quietly pays the lavish sum of 86 cents per day (before taxes), and rents a 6 x 6 space on his bunkhouse floor for 84 cents per night (also before taxes).

If only I could be as remarkable a man.

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