Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's The Matter With Atheism?

I personally have no objection with atheism, much less atheists.

However, I find it puzzling how in American culture, atheism is often considered akin to child molestation or Nazism, especially in military culture which is predominantly conservative.

Never mind that atheists are no less likely to pay their taxes than any Christian or Wiccan, which begs the question of why--considering atheists are a small minority of US citizens—so much resentment is broached against them?

Is it because persons of faith feel insulted (or closer to the point, threatened) by another rejecting their worldview? If so, why? Who the hell cares if someone else believes in a higher power, or not? Don’t we all have bigger fish to fry in our lives? Yes, I realize religion is a deeply ingrained part of American culture, but I still don’t see why that should post scarlet letters on those who decline it.

Contrary to those who feel the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause means that all Americans must practice religion by state decree, those who reject religion are just as protected under the constitution and free to peacefully go about their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Samuel Skinner
Because atheists are a threat to the faithful just be existing. Their very presence shows that there are people who don't take the foundations that they built their life on for granted.