Monday, April 28, 2008

Fish in A Barrel

Saw the following bumper sticker on the ride home from work today…

Let’s pick off the blatant historical inaccuracies one by one, shall we? It’s not hard.

Fascism...hasn’t gone anywhere (ever heard of Bosnia or Iran?)

Nazism ...while beaten into submission post-WWII, hasn’t gone anywhere (ever heard of Central Europe or the United States?)

Communism ...hasn’t gone anywhere (ever heard of North Korea or China? Plus, war did not end the Soviet Bloc, bankruptcy did.)

And finally, and most emphatically... Slavery hasn’t gone anywhere (ever heard of Earth?)


All of which brings me to the following conclusion: to whomever wrote the above sticker slogan (veteran or not) and/or chooses to place it on their car (veteran or not), you are a complete and utter imbecile.

And while were on the subject of ugly truths: read a book, preferably one about history.


brad weber said...

Just curious: How many history books have you read in the last twelve months?

Of those, how many deal specifically with US policy or world history?

A list of titles is OK, though a brief synopsis/review would be nice.

CHV said...

I've read enough history to know the claims made on that sticker were made by an illiterate.

brad weber said...

Non-response or evasive answers to direct questions? Verbal abuse and histrionic name-calling? Lazy logic and half-baked rationales cobbled into smart-sounding 'content'?

Much of your commentary and analysis is full of the same critical flaws broadcast by the ‘right-wing nutjobs’ and ‘religious kooks’ you clearly revile.

Instead of sounding like The Daily Show or The Onion, many of your pieces read like Fox News sound bites.

You're becoming what you hate most: a sanctimonious, myopic, self-serving ideologue.

You're smarter than this. You're a better writer than this.

You may say that this is just a blog, that it doesn’t matter. It does matter. Every word matters. This is you on the Web. Is this really who you want to be?

If you’ve got an axe to grind, then grind away, my friend. But quit stooping to hurl the same sewage as those you wish to best. That way lies madness, not victory.

CHV said...

Dude, you are turning into Abe Simpson.

No one else I know would possibly get so worked up over an informal opinion on a bumper sticker via a lack of clinical research.

To quote John Belushi: my advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

Or failing that, take a bracingly cold shower, dry off, repeat, and enjoy a Prozac-spiked cupcake before turning in early tonight.


brad weber said...

I would like to congratulate you on your sublime reply, however, I'm sure it's more of your trademark hacking instead of a subtle and unexpected riposte.

As such, I will congratulate you on the fantastic job of reinforcing every point in my previous statement.

It doesn't make me feel like the argument's won, or even feel very good, for that matter. Still and all, thanks for staying predictable.

And now, on my own advice, I shall exit this dung heap.