Monday, April 21, 2008

Field of Dreams and Kielbasa

Congrats to my brother, Scott, who among 15 others up for the position, scored a new, full-time gig as a sports cameraman/editor for WDJT, the CBS television affiliate in Milwaukee.

He starts this week.

Scott’s previous part-time job at Comcast SportsNet in Chicago turned out to be a major disappointment after being given a handful of hours since January, a problem several other part-timers have also had due to management overhiring too many people for the same responsibilities.

Great way to run a business, huh?

Nevertheless, after much struggling and sudden questions over apartment hunting in Milwaukee, Scott will be spending a lot of time this summer at Miller Park shooting post-game interviews with Brewers players.

Well done, I say.

Is it wrong for five men to dress up as giant links of ethnic meat,
and race around an infield? I don’t think so.

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