Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I Write

Recently, Slate hosted an online contest challenging readers to come up with a sentence in the mental vein of Sarah Palin a-la-a “Going Rogue.” The winners and runners up—which sadly, did not include my entry (available below)—were pretty good, with the second place finisher by Steve Aydt getting my own personal thumbs up:

"Here's a little news flash for your Department of Media: Superman's parents chose life and he was adopted in small-town USA by real Americans who run our factories, harvest our meat-bearing animals, and wave Old Glory down at the courthouse and the churches, not in Washington D.C. by cynical power-brokers and liberal scientists."

Not bad at all; here’s my own contribution which went over the contest’s one-sentence limit, but I enjoyed writing anyhow…

"As Todd dropped to an oil-speckled knee and whipped out the most awesome Zirconia my peepers ever laid eyes on, I finally understood how Jesus must've felt when he cured those little guys on the Lucky Charms boxes. I had found my destiny, one spread out before me like a bloody wolf pelt. And it was cozy as all heck."


Kate said...

I liked your!

Kate said...

I mean - I liked yours!