Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Answers for Everything, Solutions for Nothing

There’s no question that the US economy has painfully slogged through the mud for the past two years, and that the policies of George W. Bush and the GOP Congress played a chief role in enabling the slide into deep recession.

That said, is it possible that conservatives (like S.E. Cupp) learned nothing from the recession in that most all are yet again calling for the right wing’s end-all, be-all of fiscal remedies (e.g. massive tax cuts) despite that such cuts would jack up the Federal deficit (the same one the GOP keeps bitching is too high) even further than its current historic levels?

Tax cuts are fine, but they are not a magic bullet for any economy. Like it or not, it’s going to take time for us to rise out for the fiscal ruin of the past 24 months, and despite what Fox bobbleheads like Ms. Cupp and Stuart Varney think, there are no fucking shortcuts to the other side.

Oh, and Stu: You might want to note every time you trumpet the wisdom of Ronald Reagan having cut taxes during his administration that he also signed off on three Federal tax hikes. Savvy?

Today’s Republican Party – Favored by two out of three shrill, East Coast
white chicks who went to Cornell

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