Thursday, December 17, 2009


No matter what happens next with the endless pissing contest that health reform has devolved into, the Obama administration needs to post one priority at the top of its 2010 calendar: deficit reduction.

The problem, however, is that even with a bare bones ’10 budget—which will never happen, as both parties are addicted to special projects—the Bush-Cheney administration left the U.S. so deeply in debt (chiefly due to the Iraq War) that no president can dig us out of it overnight - much less during a single term in office.

It’s just not possible - which gives the GOP ammo for the '10 mid-terms, and the general election in '12, and further, begs the question of whether voters will recall if the party that is now preaching devout fiscal responsibility is the same one that rubber stamped every single spending provision that George W. Bush asked for during his two terms in office.

This is not to say the Dems are fiscal saints either, but Jesus Christ, they weren’t the party that helped push the nation to the edge of a second depression, and are still bitching about the means that avoided it by an eyelash.

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