Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesdays With Vito

Picked up a couple of comics yesterday that struck my fancy, the first of which should be no surprise to friends who know of my admiration for a certain horse-headed Asgardian.

In the first issue of a three book mini-run, “Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter” sets a rematch between Bill and Galactus after the latter apparently ate the former’s homeworld, the long-suffering planet Korbinite.

As a result, Bill sets out to avenge his people, not by attacking Galactus directly, but by spoiling his food supply – an interesting idea, I think, by writer Patrick Zircher, who clearly read up on the previous BRB mini-series (“Stormbreaker”) several times. As for artwork, Kano’s pencils on “Godhunter” are very erratic – scruffy and unkempt on one page, but cleaner on others. It would be nice if he picked one style, and stuck with it.

Nevertheless, for its first issue, I’m enjoying “Godhunter” and look forward to more.

Secondly, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad Bruce Wayne is dead – because it’s refreshing to see Dick Grayson finally take over the role of Batman after a long, tiresome slog through much self-doubt.

Get over it, Richard. You’re Batman now, so get into ass-kicking mode post-haste. And for good measure, give that little pissant Damien a kick in the ass more often. I don’t care who his parents are. The little fucker needs to learn some respect.

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