Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Terrorism Works

I just read this morning troubling news that the Kansas women’s health clinic formerly owned by the late Dr. George Tiller—slain last week by anti-abortion zealot Scott Roeder, now in jail awaiting trial on murder charges—will be permanently closing, most likely due to so few doctors now being willing to perform late-term abortions for fear that a psycho (like Roeder) will take a shot at them.

In response, I suspect that pro-life forces such as Jill Stanek are jumping for joy at this news, as now women have one less option for late-term abortions – never mind if one is required for medical reasons, or in circumstances of rape or incest.

Make no mistake – this clinic closing is a major victory for the militant pro-life movement, and has no doubt turned Scott Roeder into a superhero for their cause. Never mind that others like him will certainly be inspired to go after others doctors like George Tiller, with the belief that the ideal way to stop late term abortions in America is through the barrel of a gun.

If nothing else, Scott Roeder has proven yet again that terrorism works. As for me, I'm going to make a donation to Planned Parenthood today to demonstrate that such tactics are never an option for anyone with a brain.

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