Saturday, February 14, 2009


Now that all final bids have been submitted, in eight months the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will name the winning city to host to 2016 Summer Games between finalists Tokyo, Madrid, Rio, and Chicago.

And speaking as someone who’s lived in the Chicago area his entire life, I truly hope the city does not land the games.

For one thing, the city and state government are in financial ruin, tax rates are high, and Chicago’s local infrastructure (e.g. congested roads, creaky bridges, a decrepit el-system) is in dire need of renovation. Further, although I enjoy the Olympics, recent summer host cities have been left mired in debt after their games ended, Athens (2004) being a prime example as Beijing (2008) is now struggling with their own fiscal aftermath.

I’d rather not see that happen to Chicago as well.

My guess is that the 2016 games will go to either Tokyo or Rio, despite the latter town’s legendary poverty. So if either town wins out over Chicago, it’ll be just as well to me.

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