Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Black & White

To be perfectly honest, I’m not among those who believe that last week’s New York Post cartoon depicting two cops having shot a raging chimp (a joined nod to the Stimulus Package, and the attack on a Connecticut woman by her friend’s exotic pet) who believe it was a racist hit on Barack Obama.

For one thing, for any major newspaper to intentionally pull such a stunt risks alienating throngs of black readers (subscribers or otherwise) at a time when the state of printed news is mighty bleak, and every single dollar in the annual ledger counts.

Nevertheless, all this aside, check out the following gob-smacking incident from Pandagon that makes any accusations of racism (real or not) via the Post noise look tame by comparison, not to mention raises questions about whether the originator of the emailed “joke” in question won’t soon be lobbying for an area repeal of anti-lynching laws - y'know, as a nod to the good 'ol days.

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